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Another Social Media platform???

Why would someone Build + 2 years on Futurenet a social Media Platform
with a dedicated Team of experts?
The answer is simple…

Because They Have A Vision! 

Look around…
It’s hard to find people who aren’t busy with their SmartPhone isn’t it?
So it means they are busy Texting/chatting/Social Media/games

So this 2 brilliant CEO’s from Futurenet thought:
“If we pay those people to use our Social Media Platform
we can build the BEST platform in the world!”
They are not looking to beat Facebook or other Social media Platforms
they only want to be the best…in the world.

So this is how Futurenet was born out of the brains of this two
briljant people!

 Futurenet Roman Ziemian CEOfuturenet Stephan Morgenstern Ceo

So check out this platform today and register
Get your 10$ Gift NOW…
Futurenet register

Under the business Tab you will find Matrix information!
Futurenet Matrix

This is how it looks like when you have a position in all the matrixes!
Why do I need a spot in all of this Matrixes?

1. Everyone who makes money, and does a withdrawal, gets 95% of the withdrawal.
The other 5% is kept in a savings account.

The sources can be anything,
going from profits as result of the Add Revenue Share program, or social media profits, …..

The 5% accumulates until it reaches 10$.
At that time the 10$ is used to secure a position in the 10$ Matrix.
And then next for the 25$, the 50$, and so on…

So everyone who makes and withdraws money ends up in the matrix.

Do you know a structure who pays money when someone in your structure ask
for a withdraw???  Now you Do Futurenet

2. You can purchase your position in the matrix by directly funding that, so that you are already in.

3. The matrix works with an auto placement,
so everyone has spill-over from his uplines.
So sooner or later,
you will have people showing up in your matrix that you dont know,
and you don’t know where they came from.

4. Every time someone lands in your matrix,
you get 5% of the fee of that matrix
(10$ → 0,5$ fee, 100$ → 5$, etc….)

5. This matrix goes 10 levels deep

6. So you have in total, for EACH of the matrixes 88.572 positions.
Futurenet Matrix positions

This is amazing and building fast!!!
Futurenet register

You saw our Coinbase Post?
Check it out and make another 10$
You can Use the Coinbase Wallet to set up your Futureadpro account!

My advice is to purchase 100$ or more in Bitcoins
Claim your 10$ right away
Claim your 10$ in Coinbase to use in futurenet

Earn your First Matrix position simply by Chatting, Liking and commenting on others!!!

Buy your first position in the Matrix for Free you got it for free from Coinbase!
The 100$you upload in Coinbase you can use to Buy Adpacks in Futureadpro
Register and buy your Adpacks pay with bitcoins from your Coinbase Wallet!


When you have bought the Adpacks you are in the Futureadpro program
Futureadpro in futurenet
You only have to click 10 advertisings/Day

The more packs you own the more money you make…
Also upgrade your 
i My Status
If you are planning to promote this beautiful system

to friends and people your know.
Status V will give you 8%,4%,1%,1%,1%

+ A landingpage for only 180$ for a full year…

Let me know if you need help registering your
Futurenet FutureAdpro

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