Investment or Expense to start a new business opportunity

Hey there,

Today I share my story on how I had some investment doubts.
Do the investment or no to do the investment.
So I found a way to know it’s an expense or an investment.
At first it looked as an Expense because the information I had was low.

Please listen to my story and read until the end
because i will share some high value information with you.

Expenses v.s. Investment                 V.S.                Expenses v.s. Investment

At first i thought this is an expense “I don’t have money for this!” 
Because I didn’t knew what it could bring for me not enough information.
Company’s are claiming to bring health and happy life and many more all the time.
I even tried out some products in the past from several company’s
All they did was making me loose weight in my wallet.
So I started to be very careful not to loose money again, EVER!!!
On the other hand it made me realize I could lose the best opportunity’s this way…

So one day I got a new Business opportunity.
That person knew I kept my options open so he explained me about this opportunity.
The investment wasn’t that big BUT if you don’t know you will get your money back,
or if you don’t know it’s a good investment it’s different right?…
It’s an expense as long as you don’t see the results or the improvement.

I did the investment in myself so I could explore the possibility’s.
The same week I started to notice some differences, I felt better.
More energy, no more pain and every day I felt better and better.  AMAZING…
I started to understand the expense was changed into an investment! YES!
Not only because I was feeling fantastic!  OH NO!!!

Now I had gold in my hands to help many other people in the world.
I started to think about all those people who are living in pain.
Have medical problems and many other problem.
This market is HUGE it’s a MASSIVE Opportunity
If I could share my story together with my experience they could have the
chance to invest in themselves.  We could grow this health community together.
Building a better world starting from myself.

Let me ask you something.
When you go eat in a restaurant for the very first time and the food is amazing,
you will share or not share this experience with your friends and other people?
People can visit the restaurant the same day or the same week or maybe they NOT go at all.
If they had to many bad experiences with new restaurants before.
So they miss the opportunity…

First you have to See it before you believe it when you start doing it you can have it.
The restaurant will not pay you for the recommendation or even say thank you.
When you decide to do an investment in yourself and this business opportunity
it will thank you every time you share your story and when people choose to feel better.
Same effect when people feel better they will recommend it to other people right?

So you get payed for helping other people feeling better.
Isn’t this amazing?
So I recommend 24/7 even today in this post.
If you do the investment in yourself you can start to feel better, live FREE and feel good.
Making lives better is what I love the most.
People have money or don’t have the money depending on the outcome the information
and your recommendation.  The way you explain to them will make them curious.

Let’s make this more clear!
If you can choose and pick one, which one you pick?
1000€                 10 000€                 100 000€

I know!!!  Money isn’t everything in the world!!!
But if you want to help more people it’s more easy when you
have some financial backup…

If you are working and spending your time you get which one?

  1000€                                10 000€                         100 000€

    ?                             ?                         ?

 Past               Present             Future
5yrs ago                                NOW                               +5 yrs

Not enough                Not enough               Not enough
   Money                     Money?                   Money?



Expenses v.s. Investment never have no money again

Do you want to repeat yourself saying Not enough Money?!?

“If you want to have money, You have to do something you haven’t yet Do,
So you will get something you not have yet got…”

Expenses v.s. Investment never have no money again

Do you want to tell the same old “No Money” story over and over again?
I believe you’re smart and keeping your options open so you can start to share
the Story of Expenses and investments?

If we invest in ourselves we also invest in other people.
The circle Not Enough Money can only be broken if we invest in ourselves.
If it brings you money it’s an investment.
It’s the first step to change from Not Enough Money to More than enough!

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