Network Marketing Tips and tricks, – great Strategies and Secrets

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“Network Marketing Tips and tricks”

ProjectHPL - "Network Marketing Tips and tricks"

Network Marketing Tips and tricks,

great Strategies and Secrets


1. Word to mouth marketing

Most of the multi-million dollar companies were built via word-to-mouth marketing, and this started in the 70’s. This might be the best Network Marketing Tips and tricks! These days, you can get the word out big time with the internet and some creative thinking.

How do i manage this?

It is very easy.


Send your products or services to bloggers and ask for a review

With all the great quality products that MLM offers out there, you shouldn’t have any problems getting some great reviews and interested readers to your referring or distributor link.

In return you can offer them to put there facebook, website or blog link under there review. You could also offer them a free sample of your product offcourse.

You first have to do some homework and find a few blogs that you like,

When you made shure this is someone you would like a review from, you can send the webmaster an email.

Extra Network Marketing Tips and tricks:

You can find blogs in the ‘make money online niche and write reviews about your business opportunity.

3. Use FutureNet to promote your business for free

As our loyal followers and members know, FutureNet has a special place in our hearts.

For us this is the way to go when we are promoting something.

It feels like the Facebook for business owners entrepreneurs and promoters.

FutureNet Today "Network Marketing Tips and tricks"

The FutureNet members are mainly people that are searching for new things that will be an addition to their business or liefs It is a social media platform that also has lots of features that will blow your mind. Blog services, video mails, video production, landing pages, cheap cloud service, revshare service with free page views and many more opportunity’s for anyone that is promoting.

3. Start A Self-hosted WordPress Blog

A lot of the network-marketeers out here settle for cookie cutter or company replicated websites.

It is a lot harder to attract the right audience with a pre-built or free website.

wordpress-banner "Network Marketing Tips and tricks"

With a self hosted and professional website people will take you a lot more serious and people will reach out to you to do some real business.

This way you will attract big brands, bloggers and reviewers that are interesting for you and their business.

Stand out with your content

What does my website needs to present?

Professionalism, uniqueness, self branding, and a “go-to” appearance.

– Choose A Good Domain Name

Make sure that you brand your company or your product in the host-name, this is amazing for your hits on google. Once you have a domain name, move on to the next tip.

– Create A Hosting Account

Web-hosting is nothing more then renting space on the internet to put your website online.

Our advice is to use a WordPress hosted website, pretty much the default web-hosting for all the webmaster newbies and professionals.

4. Use attractive money keywords to get MLM opportunity seekers customers.

Using some general keywords what target your market is very beneficial. But knowing the right money keywords profitable.

Using the for example the words “Joiner” and “Buyer” keywords in your content, downline or sales will make them skyrocket!

keyword tool for "Network Marketing Tips and tricks"

Some great examples of of money keywords:7

  • Join

  • Sign up

  • Shop

  • Distribute

  • Promo

  • Purchase

  • Sell

  • Representative

  • Consultant

  • Discount

  • Shipping

  • Order

  • Coupon

  • Price

  • Deal

  • Sale

  • Delivery

  • Wholesale

  • Bonus

Here’s how to find the right keywords:

Use a keyword tool. You could use Google Keyword Planner but there are some great free-alternatives. The free one we personally use is The free version is limited but it still does the job.

Instead of searching for keywords about your company’s name (which may not contain that many results), try looking for keywords about the type of products you sell or promote.

Some examples:

  • Drinks and food

  • Cosmetics

  • Skincare

  • Financial Services

  • Social media

  • Revenue Share

  • Personal care

  • Nutritional Supplements

  • Fitness

  • Weight reduction

  • Jewelry

5. Actively use social media sites and stalk forums for really targeted prospects, members or buyers

The majority of MLMs, potential customers and opportunity seekers need are looking for a sponsor to buy the products or to join their business opportunity.

Most of the people will search on Google and find the corporate website, but the rest of them will find there luck on social media sites or forums. Google will often send them to forums to.

Head over to your list of keywords and use the questions that have a decent search volume.

As an example, here are some questions with a good search volume that I discovered from the list of FutureNet keywords:

Keep in mind that if people ask these questions in Google, then there questions on social media an forums will be similar.

Extra Tip: Use quotes to get more specific results. When you put your searches in quotes, it will tell the search engines to search only for the phrase that u quoted.

Great Social Networking Sites:

  • Facebook (offcourse)
  • FutureNet (growing like crazy every day)
  • Twitter (tweet a link of your posts on FutureNet and Facebook)

Our advice:

Be honest, polite, and treat discussions like you would in real-life business or in a networking relationship.

6. Get loads of traffic to your landing page, website or social media account - "Network Marketing Tips and tricks"

Getting traffic to your website is always a good option. Traffic means visitors, visitors mean people and people mean customers, opportunity seekers and entrepreneurs

The cheapest and easiest way is to use PPA programs, PPA stands for pay per action. We played around with a lot of PPA programs and PopAds came out as the best solution for traffic out there.

It works by PopUnders, PopUps, TabUnders and Tabups.

PopAds is amazing because you can get visitors with it but you can also make money of it if you have a website or blog with a lot of visitors, you can use PopAds to advertise on your blog/website and make some nice cash!

With PopAds you can target your visitors on:

  • Niche targeting

  • Country targeting

  • language targeting

  • Browser targeting

  • connection targeting

  • operating system

  • and many, many more

Thanks to these Marketing Tips and tricks you should get there,
back to You…

We have shared some of the more unique and best network marketing tips and tricks, secrets, and strategies online.

The only way to make this successful is to take action!

We look forward to hear about your online successes.

Thanks for taking your time to read our blog about these network marketing tips.

We hope you liked our “Network Marketing Tips and tricks”.

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Team, Project-HPL


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  1. Great tips. You have came up with such a useful information for network marketers. Tips you have mentioned in the post is very useful and those who want to succeed in network marketing field should follow the above tips. Though internet plays the major role in network marketing today, word to mouth marketing is very important and am happy that you insisted that point. Keep posting such informative post.

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