How to not get sick!

Sick again, how to become stronger?





Sick, how can we become stronger?


HELP!!! I am feeling sick again!

Why do I always feel sick when others don’t?

The answer is simple!  
If you are sick it means your body hasn’t got the same protection!
What I try to say is…

We can eat healthy food, do healthy things & do sports.
You can also take a rest in time.  But if you are still getting sick…
we have to look further!

Nowadays ‘s we can get less protection out of fruits and vegetables.
It’s even worse.  Our fruit and vegetables are full of Pesticides – TOXINS.
So we are getting less vitamines minerals and protection but our intake of Toxins is much higher?
Those toxins are building up inside our body.
To be more exact in our stomach and colon.
sick because toxins are building up in our stomach and colon

Most of the people don’t do Detox EVER???
This means the Toxins keep building up inside.
Needless to say we can get very sick?
Some very bad sicknesses are also possible because of this.
They can only grow in those environments,
Are you ready to change this?

sick because toxins are building up in our stomach and colon
Our body is an ingenious system and will get rid of toxins itself.
But even our body has it’s limitations.
Sometimes we have to help our body a little bit.

If we get sick it’s good, our body learns to become stronger when we are young!!!
So please don’t give to much drugs/medicine when your child is still building his or her protection.
When we grow up we have stress, not the best food, less rest, alcohol, cigarettes, sugar, fat…
So our protection goes down dramatically.

Is there something we can do?

The answer is YES!!!

  1. Start detoxing your body first!
  2. Bring balance into your body listen to your body.
  3. Build up your protection again.

When you start to use products make sure they are healthy organic and natural.
I can help you with the best products on the market to do this job for you!
When I say best, I mean best quality and best price when looking at the results…

If you use products full of chemicals you are fighting fire with fire…
Please don’t spend your money on those products!
The products I am using are listed in the PDR this is the physicians Desk Reference 

 sick or not sick that is the questionNever sick again

Known in USA as the doctors Bible.
You are trusting the Doctor while the Doctor is trusting
this PDR.  But this is not all!!!  The products I am using are listed in this book.
So university’s and clinics are endorsing those products because of their quality!


Here’s your anti sick or Health plan…


1st Step

Let me tell you something more about this first and crucial step.
Cleaning your intestines, your blood, liver, kidneys has to be the very first step!
Because if we have to much waste in our intestines it’s difficult to absorb good and healthy
stuff in our body.  So first step = cleanse



2nd Step


A lot of people have high blood pressure, high cholesterol they are out of balance.
So in this step we will balance this.  So you feel better and better every day!
The energy is starting to come back.  Less sleep.  Some headache and migraines solve.
Skin problems solving.
  Many wonderful things may happen.
So enjoy the proces.  Feel the happiness your body will send out to you.



sick ? Build a strong protection!

3th Step


The last step is building up your levels again.
This is what most of the company’s are doing “maintenance”

If you don’t do 1st step and 2nd Step you are not able to absorb all those good vitamines and minerals 100%.
When your intestines are full of plaque and parasites…You will get sick al the time. 

If you start with step 3 you have to be sure you are cleaned and balanced.
To get the most out of it.  This way you only need small supply monthly to keep your health.
Feeling good and not get sick is like a gift this days!
It’s the answer to the question
“Why I am sick and that dude is not? What to do?”

Stay healthy and don’t get sick…
Let me know if you want help I can tell you how did it and still do it
Never getting sick means like the world to me!

I can tell you from my own experience I am never sick because I know this secret.
Sharing with you how to become strong and healthy is what makes me happy.
Just let me know…
In 3 months from now you can be a completely different person!
Healthy, full of energy, happy and most of all alive!!!
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