This can be you in a couple of years!

Majdi’s Success story!

Normal people who did & do incredible actions!         

Success in person

Together with Middle East Team to UPS big event in Bangkok

Success and Middle east Team

Success in:

Middle East,
Abu Dabi,
and many more countries

It started from only 1 Man, a man with a clear vision!
Hadji Farooq Ebrahim Mohamed Obaid.
Presidential Diamond

Deep respect for this former Personal development trainer who build this Middle East Team!
He is Success!
He had Success in his professional life, so why did he joined this project???
He had NO TIME!!!
If he had taken over his dad’s business he would have been trapped for life…
Now he has Money, Time & Health FREEDOM…
He breaths Success and he is not the only one.
He has reached his ultimate goal in life.
Helping people with pure Love from the heart 24/7

Like he say in his video it’s about Love and Gratitude.
Helping other people to have Success in life and in business.

This is the Business of the Future.  We are the biggest GLOBAL Team.
We are starting NOW to build EUROPE!
So if you are living in one of the European countries or somewhere else in the world
and you would like to be part of our International TOP team.
NOW is YOUR chance!
Below this post there’s a form what can change your entire life!


Only healthy products
Neutraceuticals and Genomeceuticals
The newest products on the market.
Organic and natural.
After years and years of study’s from clinics and university’s
we can say we have +15 Products in the PDR
Success and more than 15 products listed in the PDR

Every USA Dokters Bible!

We use only 3 simple stages.


Please don’t compare us with all those company’s out there!

We are NOT like the old version 1.0 company’s who come together every week.
In our project NO compulsory meetings,
NO Selling!  No meaningless products,
No Targets, No stress, No competition!

This is a completely NEW business model!
According to the changes in the global market.
The financial crisis and sicknesses all over the world made us think
how to help people better and help them to get Success in life fast.

This company is not making more profit than needed to pay the operational costs.
The extra profit is payed to all active members.

Same like in direct sales we only have
Factory & End User

The New Era
Version 3.0
No pyramid structure
No investments in stock
Not have to Beg

Low license fee only 31€ for a lifetime
Fair compensation plan and bonuses.

I had never seen this before and I am sure it will blow you mind.

Do you believe there’s a huge market out there just waiting for our help?
Imagine all those people feeling better sharing their experience.

From low energy/burnout, Diabetes, joint and bone problems, digestive problems,
toxins in the body, heart and vascular problems, blood problems, skin problems
High cholesterol and the list goes on and on…

Like recommending a fine restaurant, you can recommend this fantastic products
after using the products yourself…People will see your healthy energy, your sparkling eyes!
Don’t have to study the products! Just use them so you feel what they can do…
Help them to get sparkling eyes themselves.

The restaurant you recommended will not say thank you…
This company will say thank you in ways you can’t imagine yet!
It will pay you for every person you recommend this new system to.

Some people say “let me see first” or “I have to think about it…”

No problem for me but every day, week, month and year 
this business is growing bigger and faster.
If you are not part of this MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY
You simply losing Money…Think about that!

For less than a dinner ONLY 31 € you can be part of this great Team.
You get a license, a back office, training if you like,
a Team to help you, and 2 company’s!
One is taking care of the products from factory until user.
The second Company is building you to become a networking machine.
To get the success you want fast.

The fastest President is build in the Philippines ONLY 7 MONTHS!!!
Presidents make minimum 25.000€/Month
Success in only 7 Month 25000euro/month

This amazing woman I am talking about is a mother with 5 children!
Where did she found the time?
She started this project together with her husband.

And went like crazy to build their team.
Notice I don’t say it’s relaxing and doing nothing.
7 Months they saw their children only few hours a day.
But they knew why they did it, they had a CLEAR GOAL.

Now they spend time together like almost 24/7 enjoying life.
This is not the only case!
This system is producing successful people much more and faster than any other company.

All over the world…presidents are produced.
Now this opportunity started in EUROPE!
If people in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and other low income countries
can have success this have to be MASSIVE SUCCESS in Europe!

From today you not have to complain you did not got the job because your are to black or to white to yellow or to fat.
This system is made for YOU.
All presidents have different backgrounds.
You only need a heart!
And the drive to help people…

It’s the second company Unipowar System who is responsible for all those Presidents.
Believe me if this company can not give you success no other company on this planet can give you success!

Faster, Easyer and Bigger 
This is the only way to get success in this company.
Hard work but Fast, Easy: duplicatable and Big Success.

Are you looking for a new opportunity?
Extra income?  Just finished school?

Looking for a parttime Job?
Time, Money or Health?
Something combinable with your normal job?

The system is working and on Full Power already.
Ready to implement YOU!

It’s up to you if you want to plug yourself into this Machine.
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